Personal Data Privacy Notice

This Personal Data Protection Policy concerns your information on the processing and protection of your personal data by PALSE, in compliance with the new European General Data Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), but also other provisions of national, Community and international law on the protection of the individual against the processing of personal data, as applicable.

Any possible future change or regulation will be the subject of this policy which will be amended accordingly and will be notified again through the website In any case, PALSE reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data, in accordance with the relevant legal framework and information hereof. It is proposed to periodically study this Policy in case of possible changes.

We kindly ask you to read this Policy in order to understand and be fully aware of its content and your rights. By navigating our website it is confirmed that you have read, understand and receive full knowledge of the content of this Civil Protection and you accept without any reservation its terms.

In case you disagree with the terms of use of this, you should avoid visiting our website.

In this Notice you may find important information regarding the terms for the type and time of retention of the personal data we hold on file, the processing that takes place, and your rights as subjects of this data.  


Who we are - Controller

PALSE is responsible for the processing of the data that you inform us electronically, through your browsing to our website and / or by subscribing to the provided newsletter service and so on. This means that it decides the processing of your personal data as well as the purposes of processing it.  


Internet user personal data to be collected and stored

By browsing our website and / or by subscribing to the provided newsletter service, etc., we are notified of your details electronically, which we keep in a file. Your personal data is collected only if you provide it voluntarily and by visiting our website or utilizing any of the features it provides.

Access, exclusively by PALSE employees and / or associates, applies only to your personal data related to your browsing of the website we maintain or to the websites we maintain on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and in your eventual subscription to the newsletter service. In the latter case, we request that you declare to us and we keep registered, personal identification data such as name, surname, address details, e-mail address and / or contact telephone, etc.

This information is collected only if this information is provided voluntarily, thus giving us your consent.

You have the option to follow us on our social media with your consent, which you can revoke at any time by interrupting the relevant sequence. The use of social media by PALSE is done responsibly and with rules. PALSE and its people follow specific company rules in the use of social media to ensure respect for the rights and personality of users.

For the processing of your personal data by the individual social media platforms, please read the terms of use and the protection and privacy policies of each individual platform. The nature, extent, collection and processing of your personal data is solely based on the terms set by each platform and PALSE bears no responsibility for the collection and processing of personal data performed by them.  


Cookies policy

Specifically, during your navigation on our website , PALSE may collect user identification data, using technology such as cookies and/or Internet Protocol (IP) address tracking.  


Purpose of processing and storage duration

PALSE is committed to protecting the Personal Data disclosed to us electronically and to managing and safeguarding it with the utmost care and transparency, in accordance with the applicable personal data legislation.

PALSE uses your data solely for the purposes described herein and for its own use and is not for sale or otherwise transmits or discloses personal data of its visitors / users to third parties.

In particular, PALSE processes personal data for legitimate, transparent and recorded sub-purposes, such as the following:

For your browsing of our website we collect your personal data only if you provide it voluntarily by visiting it.

Use of email / newsletter to promote products, articles / information / communication and public relations.

Use of social media

The processing is necessary for your internet browsing and the use of our electronic services and the time of its observance is determined by the possibility of its revocation. Once you revoke your consent, it ceases to take place.

You can withdraw your consent at any time. In this case, you can contact us at the email address  


Your rights with regards to the processing of your personal data

As subjects of the data we process, you have the following rights, subject to the inclusion in some of the exceptions set by the Regulation and all relevant legislation

1) Obtain a copy of your personal data that are subject to processing in simple or structured, commonly used and machine-readable, format.

2) Request the correction of your personal data if it is found that it is inaccurate or fill in the data kept if it is incomplete

3) Obtain the erasure of personal data concerning you.

4) Revoke your consent to the processing, at any time in cases where we process your personal data based on it

5) In the event that your data is processed with your consent or under a contract, you have the right to request that we provide you with your personal data or that we transfer it directly to another data controller if this is technically possible.

6) State your objection to the processing of personal data at any time

7) Lodge a complaint with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.  

For any clarification regarding the processing of your personal data by PALSE and / or your relevant rights, you can contact us at .  

After reading the Personal Data Privacy Notice, do you accept all the above?