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Do you have questions about Palse Snacks? We have gathered below the most popular questions about us and our products. If you don’t find what you were looking for, we are here to help! Just fill in our contact form.

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Palse snack instagram post image

How and where do you donate 5% of the Palse Snacks’ production?

We are a small business with big ambition! This is why we have decided to donate to a good cause. While many of us can buy large quantities of food and snacks, plenty of people around us cannot. This is why we donate 5% of our production in the Greek market to charity organizations that fight hunger. Contact us if you know organizations that need our help - we will be happy to contribute!

How can I enjoy Palse Snacks?

Our snacks go wherever you go; at home, at the office, at the gym, on a mountain trip, by the sea, or on the go.. Just toss them over your favourite salad, add them to a dessert, or enjoy them with your drink (always remember to drink responsibly!). “To share” or not, Palse Snacks always suit your mood!

How are Palse Snacks manufactured?

Oops! This is a secret! We roast pulses using a technique that produces low-fat snacks, and we finish up with a unique, super crunchy coating - simply irresistible!

Is it true that some people can't eat broad beans?

Everyone loves their taste, but some have to exclude them from their diet. Maybe you already know it by now, but if you miss the G6PD enzyme, you should avoid consuming broad beans, as well as aspirin and other substances.

Where do you source raw materials?

We traveled the world to explore places with the tastiest and best quality pulses. We source from Europe, Asia, and America to create snacks with a single destination. You!

How long do your products last after opening the package?

To enjoy Palse Snacks to the max, we suggest you consume them within 5 days. However, if stored properly, our products remain safe to consume for many days ahead. Let’s fight food waste together!

Where can I buy Palse Snacks?

Head up to find your palse page and scroll Palse Snacks points of sale. If none works for you, ask the stores you usually shop at, to stock our products and help us come to you!